Wildlands partners with private landowners and regulatory agencies to identify lands that are appropriate for conservation and mitigation banks. Our staff are experts at preparing bank permit applications and work to provide creative and innovative conservation strategies for each property that benefit both the landowner and protected species. Through restoration, land management, conservation easements, and research, Wildlands preserves Florida’s habitats and wildlife. Wildlands conducts land management activities and holds conservation easements for conservation and mitigation banks.

In Florida, Wildlands holds conservation easements and conducts land management activities for conservation banks that protect Florida sand skinks, blue-tailed mole skinks, and Florida scrub-jays. Our staff is actively involved in habitat restoration, vegetative and protected species monitoring, exotic species control, prescribed burning, and research. 

Mitigation banks are designed to restore, create, and enhance wetlands and streams. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Wildlands holds conservation easements for both wetland mitigation banks and stream mitigation banks throughout the Southeast and coordinates with the  Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management Districts, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Wildlands Conservation Intern in the Field

Land Management

Wildlands Conservation has assembled a team of ecologists and land managers that has collectively managed tens of thousands of acres of land for the state, several counties, and private landowners.