Reserve your Gopher Tortoise License Plate Today!

Ride in style and support conservation
with the new gopher tortoise license plate!

Orders for plates are now being accepted. The gopher tortoise plate, with artwork by Matt Patterson, will be produced as soon as 3,000 vouchers have been purchased. Vouchers cost $33 each, of which $25 will directly go towards gopher tortoise conservation. If you hold a valid Florida Driver’s License or have a Florida-registered vehicle, you are eligible to purchase vouchers for your car, truck, trailer and RV! Vouchers can be purchased at any time–you do not need to wait until your registration renewal date to order one.

The gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) is a threatened species in the state of Florida, primarily due to loss of upland habitat. A keystone species, gopher tortoises dig burrows that are used by more than 360 other animal species, including some that live nowhere else. In order to bring awareness to the plight of the gopher tortoise, we have created this specialty license plate and will use the generated funds for gopher tortoise habitat conservation, habitat management, education, and research. With your help, we can help protect gopher tortoises and their upland habitat. Read the full bill text here.

Wildlands Conservation has partnered with the Escambia County Tax Collector to process online orders. Regardless of where you live in Florida, you can conveniently reserve your voucher by completing the simple form below. After you complete the form and submit payment of $33.00 (plus a service fee), the Escambia County Tax Collector will attach the voucher to your driver record in the State of Florida’s registration system. Vouchers can be redeemed once the license plate has been produced. You may request your license plate at your time of renewal, or as an on-demand license plate replacement.

You can also use the form below to order a voucher as a gift for someone else!

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Reserve your Gopher Tortoise License Plate by completing the form below:

Alternate Sign-up Options

Purchase Pre-Voucher by Mail

  1. Download, complete, and print form.
    Click HERE to download form.
  2. Write a check for $33.00 payable to:
    Escambia County Tax Collector
  3. Mail completed form and check to:
    Escambia County Tax Collector
    P.O. Box 1312
    Pensacola, FL 32591-1312


Walk-In Order

If you prefer not to order by mail, you can go directly to your local Tax Collector’s Office to purchase the voucher for the Gopher Tortoise License Plate.
Find your local office here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-sale voucher?

Upon approval by the Florida Legislature, a new specialty plate is required to sell a minimum number of reservations or vouchers. This process ensures that there is sufficient interest to warrant the manufacture of the plate. For many new plates, including the gopher tortoise plate, that pre-sale number is 3,000. Once 3,000 vouchers have been sold, the license plate may then be submitted to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) for production.

May I purchase a voucher as a gift?

Yes, vouchers make great gifts! You’ll just need the recipient’s license plate number or driver’s license number to purchase the gift voucher.

The recipient must have a vehicle titled in their name or plan to acquire a Florida-registered vehicle once the plate is manufactured. If you purchase a voucher for someone who does not have a vehicle registered to them, you will not be able to get a refund for this purchase.

How will funds from the gopher tortoise license plate be used?

The annual use fees from the sale of the plate will be distributed to Wildlands Conservation to fund gopher tortoise and commensal species research, education, and conservation, as well as upland habitat protection, restoration, and management in Florida to benefit the gopher tortoise and other upland species. Up to 10 percent of the funds received by Wildlands Conservation may be used for marketing of the plate and costs directly associated with the administration of the gopher tortoise license plate program. Wildlands Conservation will use and distribute the funds to eligible Florida-based scientific, conservation, and educational organizations for gopher tortoise, commensal species, and upland habitat research, conservation, and management through a grants program.

Do I have to be a resident of Escambia County to use this form?

No. Any Florida motorist may use this form. The recipient, if different from the purchaser, must have a Florida driver license or vehicle registration.

I own multiple vehicles, can I purchase more than one voucher?

Yes, but you will need to submit a separate order form for each one and provide the license plate number for each vehicle. 

Are pre-sale vouchers refundable or transferrable?

If the license plate does not meet it’s pre-sale requirement, the fees will be refunded. However, they are not refundable for any other reason. Pre-sale vouchers are non-transferrable.

How can I monitor the progress of pre-sale voucher sales for the gopher tortoise plate?

Sales data may be viewed here.

Can I purchase a voucher before my current license plate is due for renewal, or do I have to wait for my renewal date?

Yes, you can purchase a voucher now, before your current plate is due for renewal.

Once I receive notice from the FLHSMV that the plate is ready, do I have to wait until my renewal date to go pick it up?

No, you can redeem your voucher at any time once the plates have been produced and distributed to your local tax collector’s office or tag agency.

How do I personalize my gopher tortoise license plate?

Personalized license plates can be ordered after the license plates have been manufactured and delivered to the tax collector offices. You can request a personalized license plate when you redeem your voucher. Please note that left design plates (like the gopher tortoise plate) may only have up to 5 characters. Visit to verify that a proposed personalized plate configuration is available. 

I have a personalized tag number. Can I transfer this number to my new plate?

Yes, but please be aware that it may take an additional 10-12 weeks to receive a personalized plate. Also, please note that left design plates (like the gopher tortoise plate) may only have up to 5 characters.

If I purchase a voucher, does this cover the cost of my renewal?

No, the voucher fee only covers the cost of the new specialty plate ($25 which is donated to Wildlands Conservation for gopher tortoise conservation), State of Florida processing fee ($5) and the Service/Branch fee ($3).You will still need to pay your normal registration fees as outlined by your local tax collector’s office. Please visit for information on motor vehicle registration fees.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase a voucher?

No, a PayPal account is not required to pay by debit/credit card once you submit the form.

Does my billing address have to match the address in the form?

No, as long as your correct address is entered in the voucher form, the billing address or PayPal address won’t be used.