Wildlands Conservation has assembled a team of ecologists and land managers that has collectively managed tens of thousands of acres of land for the state, several counties, and private landowners. Wildlands Conservation also manages mitigation areas and conservation easements set aside for the protection of both wetlands and uplands with species-specific management objectives.

Management implementation frequently includes: habitat restoration, enhancement, and ongoing management activities. Currently, Wildlands Conservation is responsible for managing various preserves and conservation easements throughout west and central Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee.


Wildlands’ Management Activities

  • Prescribed burning/burn prep
  • Exotic species removal
  • Timber harvest
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Herbicide application for exotic plant control
  • Hardwood reduction/thinning
  • Native vegetation plantings
  • Roller chopping
  • Ground cover restoration
  • Vegetation mowing
Wildlands Conservation Intern in the Field

Land Protection

Wildlands works with landowners and agencies to identify the most appropriate course of action for any given property; how it should be protected, by what mechanism, how it should be managed, and the long-term management costs and commitments.