Research is central to Wildlands Conservation’s mission. Under the direction of our Research Director, Dr. Neal Halstead, Wildlands is actively involved in answering some of the most pressing questions facing Florida today. By partnering with leading researchers, Wildlands is on the forefront of conservation research. Through cooperation, collaboration, and innovation, we strive to improve conservation strategies and land management techniques through fundamental ecological and natural history research, as well as applied research.

Skink Research

With funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlands is conducting surveys to establish the presence, distribution, and populations size of Florida sand skinks and bluetail mole skinks on conservation lands of the Lake Wales Ridge, Winter Haven Ridge, and Mt. Dora Ridge in central Florida.

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bluetail mole skink

Hillsborough County Tegu Removal

Wildlands Conservation worked to remove Argentine black and white tegus through a project funded by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. As part of this research, Wildlands determined the spatial extent of the tegu invasion, the rate of spread, and the cost of eradication.

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Florida Tegu